Something about the creative process

The process involved in creating a 30-page comic like one one I’m currently producing, might be easier the second time around.

If I could draw the images myself, it might even be relatively cheap to make. But only if sci-fi/ fantasy comic readers are satisfied with stickmen characters,  that ain’t never gonna happen!  Decent illustrators are expensive.

I wish I would have had someone who understands comic scripts to read through mine, critique the sequences and content of the panels. Sadly I did not.

Now I’m worried it may not flow properly.  It’s too late to change or add things.  And adding panels costs more money and I’m already over my budget. As it is, I have to learn how to do the lettering myself as I can’t afford to pay for one.  I’m hoping that it’ll be relatively straight forward.

I now fully understand why professionally made comics have a lot of credits on them.  It’s not really a job for one person.  Not if you want to make the best possible use of working hours, as I do.

The experience, has been interesting, tiring… no, exhausting.  I’m going to be ecstatic when it’s done.

Hopefully issue #2 will be better funded and supported. And I might even get paid.  It’s very unlikely I’ll be doing the next issue at a financial loss.


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